Mega Deep Stack

Combat Wounded Veterans Challenge Accumulator Series

$40,000 Guarantee
May 22nd - 26th

Event A Wednesday, May 22nd at 6 PM
Event B Thursday, May 23rd at 1 PM
Event C Friday, May 24th at 1 PM
Event D Friday, May 24th at 6 PM
Event E Saturday, May 25th at 1 PM
Event F Saturday, May 25th at 6 PM
Day 2 Sunday, May 26th at 2 PM
Buy-in: $175 ($115+$5+$5DT+$50 Donation)
Units: 20,000
Blinds: Day 1 - 30 min, Day 2 - 30 min
Add-on: Optional $10 for 10,000 Units
Registration: Players may enter and re-enter all Events until the beginning of the 9th level.

CWVC Series Structure PDF

  • Day 1 will end at 12% or at Supervisor's Discretion.
  • Derby Lane reserves the right to amend or cancel any tournament without prior notice.
Player Appreciation

Vegas Main Event Qualifier

Every 20 Entries = $10,000 Cash

Saturday 20th 1 PM
Buy-in: $530($500+$25+$5DT)
Units: 30,000
Blinds: 30 Min
Add-on: Optional $10 for 10,000 Units

Vegas Qualifier Satellite

Every 6 Entries = 1 - $530 Seat

Friday 19th 6 PM
Buy-in: $120 ($105+$10+$5DT)
Units: 20,000
Blinds: 20 Min
Add-on: Optional $10 for 10,000 Units
Player Appreciation

Player Appreciation

$10k Guarantee Just got Better!

Tuesdays 6 PM
Buy-in: $207 ($200 + $2 + $5 DT)
Units: 15000
Blinds: 20/25 min
Add-on: Optional $5 for 5000 units

The Big Blind Ante Structure.
9 Handed Tables
Final Table in Hi Limit Room with Shuffler.
Registration open until the end of the 2nd Break

Fridays 6 PM
Buy-in: $101 ($95 + $5 + $1 DT)
Units: 10000
Blinds: 20 min
Add-on: Optional $5 for 5,000 Units

Registration open until the end of the 1st Break

Mega Deep Stack

Mega Deep Stack

$15,000 Guarantee

Sunday, April 7th 1PM
Sunday, April 28th 1PM
Buy-in: $150 ($130 + $15 + $5 DT)
Units: 30000
Blinds: 30 min
Add-on: Optional $10 for 10,000 Units

Big Blind Ante/9-Handed/Final Table Shuffler
Registration open until the end of the 2nd Break

stacks of chips

Morning Madness

7 Days a Week 10 AM (must be in line by 10AM)
Prizes: 1st, 2nd & 3rd Place: WINNERs will receive $175 CWVC Seat + $25 Cash
4th & 5th Place: WINNERs will receive $75 Tournament Voucher
6th & 8th Place: WINNERs will receive $50 Tournament Voucher
Buy-in: Voucher + $10($5 + $5DT)
Units: 4,000
Blinds: 10 min
Entry: Win a voucher by showing down Faces Full or better using 1 card in your hand.

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The tournament vouchers can be used towards any tournament and are valid until the second Sunday from issue date.

How to Win - In jackpot eligible games, you show aces full or better. You will receive a morning madness entry slip that you can use to register into the morning madness events. See the tournament calendar for morning madness start times. The entry seats are non-transferable and must be logged into the tournament system when the morning madness ends. The entry must be played within the same week or the following week. Unused seats will expire after the following week.

Qualifications - The minimum qualifying hand is a full house, aces full. You must use one playable hole card and you must play the best eligible poker hand. You can bet your hand as you normally would. If players fold, simply show your hand and the dealer will call a floor person for verification. High hands must be verified by a floor person. Please see the posted rules in the room for full details.

Tournament Promotions

High Hand Tournament Seat

Every 1pm & 6pm Tournament
Highest hand of the level following the close of registration wins a $50 Tournament Voucher

(Minimum qualifier: Level following the close of registration is a flush)

Royal Flushes

Win $500 for a Spade Royal Flush

Win $100 for Heart, Diamond, and Club Royal Flushes

(Qualifications: must use two playable hole cards in any jackpot eligible tournament. No run out.)