Countdown to 60 hours = $500

July 1 - 31

3,000 Points (60 hours) = $500 Chips

Earn eligible points Sunday-Thursday - Open-Close

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  • Bet your hand as you normally would.
  • You will only earn points while you are actively playing at the table.
  • It is the Players responsibility to give their Reward Card to the dealer to begin earning points when sitting at a new table, changing tables, or moving seats.
  • Players that are observed signaling others in the hand, soft playing, or colluding with others to earn rewards points, without actively playing at the table as you normally would, will have their points voided for the day and risk being disqualified from the Player Rewards Promotion. Supervisors have the right to audit any table at any time in the room or by surveillance and will do so randomly or as necessary. Players will be disqualified and/or points will be voided at the Supervisor's discretion and judgment.
  • This promotion has a maximum payout of $1,000 per player and a maximum threshold of $120,000.00 for the promotion period of July 1-31. Derby Lane has the right to exceed this threshold at the companys discretion.
  • The following are examples of actions that may void points earned for the day and possibly disqualify you from the Player Rewards Promotion.
  • If you are found to be using another Players Reward Card to earn points, both Players involved will be immediately disqualified from the promotion.
  • Derby Lane reserves the right to ask for your Players Reward Card & Photo ID at anytime while playing at a table.
  • Soft Play - Last to act and not betting or raising with the highest possible hand to save others money once the minimum requirement is met, etc.
  • Signals - Any statements that make others aware that you are only playing your blinds while at the table to earn points.
  • Collusion is Agreeing to check it down with others in the hand.
  • Suspicious betting amounts to meet the minimum requirements to complete a hand.
  • Derby Lane reserves the right to amend, change, or cancel this promotion at any time.

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Improvements to look for...

New High Limit/Private Rooms
New and Improved Tournaments
New Tournament Area designed by player suggestions
Improved Wi-Fi Connection
Double Flop Hold'em is Back
Full Lunch & Dinner Menu w/extended hours
$2/$5 Texas Hold'em now with Table Stakes Limit
Wednesday Gaming Industry Night
(because you deserve a night out too!!!)
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July Live Player Rewards

60 hours of play = $500

Live Player Rewards

50 points per hour played

2000 Points: Cantina Bowl or Burrito
4000 Points: $75 in Chips

Tournament Player Rewards

1 point for each tournament entry
15 point minimum to qualify

Play 15 Tournaments: Cantina Bowl or Burrito
Play 20 Tournaments: $20 tournament voucher

Hours of Operation

Monday - Thursday

10am - 4am

Weekends are 24 hours!

Friday 10am - Monday 4am

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